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I teach swim lessons. Currently, the swim center I work for is teaching the summer sessions, which are two-week sessions that run five days a week. In my opinion, this is better for the class. Although it is harder on the instructor, it allows the kids to absorb a lot more of what is thrown at them in lessons. 

It also expands the ability for the instructor to bond with the students. Constant contact helps grow trust and affection. 

This spurred something wonderful to happen in the last session. I got my first "I love you" note from a student.

As a relatively new teacher, this is both a milestone, and a super great feeling moment.

On the last day of this momentous session, I was sitting in the lifeguard shack, sorting through the last-minute paperwork details of the end of a class. Then I heard a knock on the door.

I look over, and I see Genevieve, one of my preschool level 1 students.

So I go over to the door, and crouch down to see what Genevieve wants to say.

"I made these for you."

I look down, and she's holding three objects. She hands them to me, and I look through them.

One is a note, which says, "Dear Alice, I love you. From, Genevieve?" (NOTE: She absolutely did spell her name correctly. Some of the letters were reversed, but she spelled Genevieve - at four years of age - correctly.) I don't know what the question mark is for, but it was there.

Second was a piece of paper with a mandala drawn on it. Not a great mandala, but probably better than what I could draw. Especially as a four-year-old. It was green and blue and teal.

But the real kicker is the third item: a fully illustrated... toilet paper tube. Yes, fully. She even colored the inside.

It. Was. Adorable.

I gave her a big hug, and said, "Wow, thanks Genevieve." She kind of smiled awkwardly, and went back to wait for class to start.

I'm saving these forever.



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Feb. 7th, 2011 06:57 am (UTC)
Sorry, I know this is completely unasked for, but I saw your name over at prettybooks and it seemed interesting, so I clicked on it. Your journal is surprisingly interesting for being about real life. I applaud you.

I just thought this was absolutely adorable though. Oh my gosh. I really do hope you keep those gifts because, how wonderful.
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